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Fig. 2     A double flat        A flat                    A natural             A sharp                 A double sharp

Figure 2 shows the accidentals that can be placed before a note to alter its pitch.

Accidental Effect
Double flat Lowers the pitch two half steps
Flat Lowers the pitch one half step
Natural Cancels an accidental
Sharp Raises the pitch one half step
Double Sharp Raises the pitch two half steps
Fig. 4    Ab     A       A#      Bb      B      C       C#       Db     D        D#      Eb       E      F         F#      Gb      G        G#
Figure 4 shows the notes in Figure 1 and all of half steps (H) inbetween. The red equal sign (=) shows that those notes and their respective accidentals represent the same pitch on the guitar. These are named enharmonic equivalents. Therefore, A# is the enharmonic equivalent of Bb (A# = Bb), C# = Db, D# = Eb, F# = Gb, G# = Ab.
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