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F Ionian G Dorian A Phrygian Bb Lydian
Fig. 1
F Maj7 [11, omit 5]
or F Ionian
Fig. 2
G Mi7 [11, omit 5]
or G Dorian
Fig. 3
A Mi7 [11, omit 5]
or A Phrygian
Fig. 4
Bb Maj7 [+11, omit 5]
or Bb Lydian

C Mixolydian D Aeolian E Locrian
Fig. 5
C 11 [Omit 5]
or C Myxolydian
Fig. 6
D Mi7 [11, omit 5]
or D Aeolian
Fig. 7
E Mi7 [11, omit 5]
or E Locrian
Mission Statement

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